More Views of the
NBC Studios at 111 Sutter Street, 1927

Entrance and receptionist   Executive offices

LEFT:  Elevators and receptionist lobby on the 22nd floor studio level at 111 Sutter Street.  There was a similar lobby with another receptionist for the third floor executive area.
RIGHT:  The reception room of the executive offices on the third floor.

 Hallway adjoining studios   Stairs to visitor's gallery   

LEFT:   The main hallway adjoining the radio studios on the 22nd floor.  
RIGHT:  This stairway led up to the visitor's gallery on the mezzanine level of the main studio. 

Traffic department Battery and generator panel

LEFT:  The traffic department at NBC San Francisco.  The boards on the wall displayed the entire week's program schedule for all the network feeds.
RIGHT:  This is a closeup of the battery control and charging equipment at the rear of the master control room.

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