Jennings Pierce, NBC

Jennings Pierce    Jennings Pierce

Raised on a farm near Bakersfield, Jennings graduated from the University of California in Berkeley and sang on KGO as a member of the Golden Bear Quartette, which resulted in an invitation to join the station as an announcer.  Pierce had risen to chief announcer at KGO before joinging the NBC staff in San Francisco, where he eventually became the chief announcer and assistant program director for the Pacific Coast.  His voice was heard on many San Francisco programs, including "The Standard Symphony", "Standard School Broadcast", "The Western Farm and Home Hour", and "Little Orphan Annie".  Pierce later moved south to the NBC headquarters in Hollywood, where he was the Pacific Coast manager for station relations and public affairs programming. After a long career with NBC, Pierce was the general manager of KMED in Medford, Oregon from 1950 until 1954.   

Above photos:  Left:  1932 in San Francisco;  Right:  1941 in Hollywood.