KGO's Main Control Room, 1924

Equipment Image

This view shows the main control room of the General Electric station in Oakland. Equipment here provided power and amplification for the condenser microphones in both studios, selected which studio was on the air, and adjusted the program modulation. Audio amplifiers in these cabinets transmitted the program audio to the transmitter building over two six pair audio cables.

L-R:   J. D. Kolesar, who is watching the volume indicator which shows the intensity of sound going out to the power house; A. Thomas, Jr., Control Room Manager, operating the gained control, which regulates the intensity of sound; and N. A. Woodford listening in on 600 meters for distress signals at sea. The law required all coastal broadcasters to listen in three minutes out of every fifteen for distress signals from ships at Sea. Back at KGO an expert listens in continuously. Should he hear an SOS call, he would immediately notify the Control Room Manager who would shut down the station. The engineers in the power house would then start up the 600 meter transmitting set and try to get into communication with the distressed.

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