KLX in the Tribune Tower Building

The KLX Transmitter Room:
KLX transmitter
KLX Transmitter Room.  The audio equipment rack is at the left of the operator's desk.  The transmitter is at far right, with the transmitter motor-generator control panel in the center.  

The KLX Studio:
KLX Studio
The KLX Studio.  The heavy draperies were typical of radio studios of the time, and were designed to deaden the room acoustics.  The single microphone with its pedestal floor stand was the source of all the station's programming.
Tribune Tower\
A view of the Tribune Tower in Oakland, probably the late 1930s.  The KLX studios were located behind the clock on the 20th floor.  The letters "KLX" can be seen at the top of the tower.

KLX Floor plan
This floor plan of the KLX studio was drawn from memory by Bill Andrews, former KLX announcer.   The layout of the control room does not match the photograph.
The photographs at left of the KLX studio and transmitter in the Tribune Tower Building were probably taken in 1924 or 1925.  Photos from the Perham Foundation collection.   The sloping ceiling of the Tribune Tower's canopy roof are evident.  


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