KPO's New Broadcasting Unit Undergoing
Tests and Adjustments Before Operation

KPO transmitter     Generators

"Under direction of W.L. Tierney, Western Electric engineer, and Curtis D. Peck, KPO's technical manager, the Hale-Chronicle station's new 5000-watt transmitter is being put through the tests and adjustments necessary to place it in operating order. These adjustments will cover a long period of time. It is not yet known when the new station will be ready to go on the air. The high-power broadcast unit, shown in the above photograph with Edward Manning, veteran KPO technician, at one of the tuning controls, is the latest product of the Western Electric laboratories. It consists of six distinct sections joined together to form one great panel assembly. One of the sections carries the crystal-control equipment which will play an important part in keeping the station's wave permanently within its allocated position. Another section holds the two giant power tubes from which the station's power output will be sent to the antenna. Still another section contains all the tuning elements. The whole transmitter unit is entirely inclosed (sic) by grounded metal screening to prevent anyone from coming into contact with high voltage currents." (San Francisco Chronicle, 1929)

"One of the duties of the broadcast station operator is to keep the motor generators always running smoothly. Dan O'Brien, KPO technician, is seen oiling one of the generator units, which will furnish the filament, plate and grid currents to the scores of tubes in the Hale-Chronicle's new 5000 watt station. A duplicate set of three motor generators has been installed" (San Francisco Chronicle, 1929)

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