NBC San Francisco - Studio Performances

Standard on Parade  Powderpuff Revue  

Here are several scenes of broadcasts from the main studio of the NBC Pacific Coast Network at 111 Sutter Street in San Francisco:

LEFT:  "Standard on Parade", 1933.  Larry Blake and Barton Yarborough are at the microphone;  Meredith Willson conducts the orchestra.

RIGHT:  The "Powderpuff Revue", broadcast Monday nights from 1932-34.  The cast seen here is (L-R), Howard Thompson, clarinet; Tom Quirk, trumpet; Robert J. Rourke, violin; John Childs, cello; Lucile Kurtley, soprano (Columbine); Dick Ellers, announcer (Monsieur PomPom); Bob Stevens, tenor (Harlequin); Marvin Young, producer; William Cowles, piano; Imelda Montagne, Annette Hastings and Marjorie Primley (Pierettes).

Firestone Orchestra  Barels of America

LEFT:  The Firestone Orchestra and Singers, under the direction of Max Dolin.

RIGHT:  The "Barels of America" program, May, 1932.  Eva Greminger, Emil Palate (at piano), Harry Stanton, Barbara Blanchard, Myron Neisley, Everett, Ben Klassen.


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