NBC Remote Broadcasts

Remote broadcast  NBC remote

Here are more images of remote broadcasts by the engineering crew of NBC in San Francisco.  Some of the exact dates and events are unknown, but they are all from the late 30s and early 40s.

ABOVE LEFT:  Another NBC remote broadcast from the 1940's. The engineer operating the mixer at left is Ernie Jefferson. The name of the engineer on the right is unknown.  The man on the telephone is George Greaves.

ABOVE, RIGHT:  Richard Bertrandias, George McElwain, Glenn Dolberg and Bob Seal. 

BELOW LEFT:  George McElwain at a Chronicle news conference.

BELOW RIGHT:  Setting up for a remote broadcast from Weaverville, California, and the world premiere of the motion picture "Gold is Where You Find It", February, 1938.

NBC remote    NBC remote



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