Carleton E. Morse

  Carleton Morse  Carleton Morse

Carleton Morse was the creator and author of "One Man's Family", the most popular program ever to originate from NBC in San Francisco.

Morse came to NBC in 1929, pioneering radio drama and action shows. He created "One Man's Family" as counterpoint to the high drama of his other programs. The show debuted at 9:30 p.m., Friday, April 29, 1932 on KPO and the Pacific Coast Network, and was on the air continuously for 27 years.

The announcer would identify every program of "One Man's Family" by its volume, such as "Chapter 12, Book 52". Morse actually had the original scripts of each program bound in leather and lettered in gold leaf. He is shown here reviewing the "books", representing years of writing effort.

Morse was also known for his other popular network radio creation, "I Love a Mystery".

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