Cecil and Sally

Cecil and Sally    KMED postcard - Cecil & Sally

Cecil and Sally  

'Cecil and Sally' were the air names of Johnny Patrick and Helen Troy, who developed the musical comedy routine while working together at KYA. The serial program debuted under the name 'The Funniest Things' on the West Coast connection of the short-lived ABC network, and moved to KPO and the NBC Pacific Coast Network after the former network went bankrupt in 1929. Patrick wrote the scripts and sang; Troy sang and played the piano and organ. Her character 'Sally' endeared herself to West Coast listeners with her girlish lisp, referring to her partner as "Theethil". 

In 1930, Patrick and Troy made the decision to syndicate their programs to other radio stations by electrical transcriptions (E.T.'s), the same method that had been so successful for the Amos 'n' Andy" program out of Chicago.  The transcriptions were made at the MacGregor and Sollie recording studio in San Francisco, and the program was heard over 53 radio stations in the U.S. and three other countries between 1930 and 1933.  


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