The KGO Transmitter Building, 1924

Equipment Image

This view shows the transmitter operator's position at the General Electric station in Oakland.  It's dated January 8, 1924, which was the date of KGO's inaugural broadcast.  From this position, the operator monitored the audio modulation level during every broadcast. At left is the main power control panel, which connects with the generators in the generator room. In the rear of the room are sections of the main 7,500 watt transmitter. 

KGO power house - alternate view

Here is a slightly different view of the KGO transmitter room.   The cabinet to the right is a dummy antenna. 

Alternate view of transmitter room

This view of the transmitter room appears to show the opposite side of the room. Notice the open construction of all equipment, especially the transmitting tubes mounted on the wood frame in the center. The tubes are water cooled, as evidenced by the tubing coils beneath them. Also notice the panel of light bulbs atop the center cabinet apparently another rudimentary dummy antenna.   This photo may have been taken at a later date than the above images. 

KGO Generator Room

The generator room of the General Electric station contained nine motor-generator sets. These supplied current for heating the filaments of the tubes, plate potential for the power amplifiers and the 600 meter commercial transmitter, bias potential for the amplifier and modulator tubes, and excitation for the various generators. These machines were all in duplicate, thus assuring a continuous program in the event of failure.

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