Governor James Rolph on KFRC

Governor James Rolph     Governor Rolph

This photo shows California Governor James "Sunny Jim" Rolph in the KFRC studios on March 3, 1932.  He was invited to play the role of Diagorus of Rhodes, the father of all Olympic athletes, on a radio sketch, inviting the world to visit the Los Angeles Olympiad.  Seen with him is KFRC manager Harris Holliway and the Pacific Association swimming champion Bernice Phelan.  He came to the station dressed in a costume that was appropriate for the part.   The program was the "Hecker HO Surprise Hour", originating from both KFRC in San Francisco and KHJ in Los Angeles, with Meredith Willson's orchestra.  (Thanks to Dave Plotkin for supplying the program information)

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