Standard School Broadcast

The Standard School Broadcast was a weekly educational radio program based in San Francisco.  It began in October, 1928 and promoted music appreciation for students on the Pacific Coast. The Standard School Broadcast was devoted to music and American history.  It was carried over the NBC Pacific Coast Network, and was first heard in 72 schools. 

The series presented hundreds of topics including the science of music, music as drama, and non-classical forms including jazz and folk.  It evolved from a simple lecture program accompanied by a string trio into a program that combined concert hall, stage and documentary, with a symphony orchestra conducted by Carmen Dragon and a cast of professional performers.  The sponsor, Standard Oil of California, was honored with a Peabody Award for the series in 1958. In 1975, the program received the Peabody Institutional Award "for 47 years of continuous educational radio service".

This undated photo, probably from the early 1940s, shows Julie Andre with Karl Kalash, who was the music director of the program.